Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration systems are a fundamental component of goods production, storage and logistics. Each refrigeration system we supply is designed and optimized according to the customer's individual needs.

  • Product cooling for oil and natural gas
  • Cooling for production and conveyor systems
  • Food production
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Vegetable production
  • Marinades
  • Chemical industry
  • Industrial freezing systems
  • Refrigerated storage / deep freeze storage

Since absorption refrigeration systems are dependent on heat supply, they can be perfectly integrated into a heat-recovery concept and can therefore contribute to increased energy efficiency. The heat supply may come from different sources. This allows the use of exhaust steam or back-pressure steam, process heat, hot water or hot oil, hot air, flue gas, oven gas or roasting gas as well as gas-vapour mixtures with partial liquefaction, or heating oil and natural gas for direct heat. Anything with heat energy can be used. Is why we also offer our systems in conjunction with combined heat, cooling and power systems.