Regenerativ Heating Systems / Heat Pumps

The heat pump uses heat from the ground, ground water or air for heating and hot water.

With a heat pump the energy for heating is generated from up to 75% environmental energy and only 25% electrical energy. In a closed refrigeration circuit the environmental energy is extracted and applied to the refrigerant. The compressor in the heat pump compresses the refrigerant and thereby increases the temperature so that it can be used for heating. The electrical energy used for compressing is in the refrigerant. It is not lost. With a minimum energy consumption of 1 kW operating current the existing natural, free energy such as Geothermal can be used to produce 4 kW of heating energy. This corresponds to a efficiency ratio of 4.

Our range of services in the field of heat pump heating systems includes the following technical designs:

  • Air / water
  • Water / water
  • Brine / water
  • VRV / air conditioning + heating
  • Heat recovery