Comfort Air Conditioning

A good climate and good air in all rooms - tailored to your room temperature, humidity, purity and room air circulation requirements - guarantee optimum comfort.

System components:

Split air conditioning and decentralized air treatment:

  • Mono-split units up to 20 kW cooling capacity
  • Multi-split units up to 60 kW cooling capacity for heating and cooling
  • Cold generator, electric or gas heat pump


Multi-split systems for decentralized air treatment:

  • VRV/VRF-multi-split units up to 1000 kW cooling capacity
  • up to 700 indoor units
  • individual party billing for heating and cooling possible
  • heat recovery 3-line technology
  • BCS integration / LONWORKS / Profibus / Bus / EIB


Cooling for air handling units:

  • Cooling capacity > 5.000kW possible
  • Water coolers / chillers / salt water sets
  • Heat pumps
  • Screw compressors / piston compressors / oil-free compressors
  • Free cooling