Business climate

We use state-of-the-art air conditioning to provide for a comfortable indoor climate in the private and business sector, and thus meet the requirements for productive work and living comfort.

We offer our customers the following designs in the field of indoor climate technology:

  • elegantly designed devices
  • Installation in intermediate ceiling
  • Available as wall unit
  • Installation in air duct
  • Air conditioning unit out of sight on the roof


Each of our air conditioning units is a complete cooling system with a closed circuit. They consis of a heat exchanger for cooling, a ventilator, a compressor and a heat exchanger which transfers the heat inside to the outside air.

  • Chillers + water coolers
  • Condensing units + condensers
  • Heat exchangers + split air conditioning units
  • Special systems + computer controlled air conditioning units
  • VRV systems + inverter split units

The use of VRV systems based on split technology is recommended for large commercial buildings.